How to download #iOS8

So you’re ready to go and you’re frantically hitting update on your iPhone, iPad or iPod. You may find you’re getting the following error;

Unable to Check for Update

An error occurred while checking for a software update.

This is sadly because of the demand being placed on the Apple update servers. You can keep hitting Try Again, or plug your phone in to the latest version of iTunes and update via that. Make sure you have a backup before you get started!

U2’s Already on your iPhone

At the Apple launch last night U2 announced their album Songs of Innocence would be released for free.

The magic in the delivery is that if you now go in to Music on your iPhone/iPad/iPod – you’ll find it is already there and ready to play/stream/download. Obviously you’ll need an internet connection for it to work, it’s not going to work in a cave.

It’s impressive because there’s no need to visit iTunes to download it to your device. But also bad, in a way, because I’ve now got something in my music library I have not chosen to be there.

The big question is, how many artists will be screaming out now that it’s unfair, biased, a monopoly etc.┬ábut will queue up to release stuff for free to Apple users at the next launch?

Watch Apple Launch Event in VLC Player

If you want to watch the launch event in VLC Player, here’s what you need to do.

1. Open VLC.
2. Press Ctrl + N to open Network stream.
3. Paste in
4. Hit enter.
5. Enjoy