Partially Exposing the Truth

For a long time now I’ve had my tongue tied by red tape. I’ve been unable to comment on something which ruined a lot of the end of my time at NE1fm 102.5 – and something which has upset a handful of almost life long friends.

Tonight I decided enough was enough after reading more black and white tweets from someone painting a picture that they have been completely wronged by NE1fm 102.5. As someone no longer working for the station I finally felt it was time to pass comment on the subject. Also because I’m tired of being made out as part of a group of bullies.

The person in question keeps writing to councillors & MPs trying to fight against a decision the station made. He has written to more than a couple that I am aware of. The councillors/MPs do a tremendous job of writing to the station asking for information on the issue and when they receive the station’s defence I can only assume they agree with the decision and tell their constituent they cannot help. I assume this because the person keeps going to different people – a bit like going to your Dad when your Mam says no.

I’ve done my best to show the conversation in its entirety below. It may change as I find bits I may have missed out due to Twitter’s rubbish conversation listing thing.

















I think that covers everything. I’ll clean this up as I go as the quoting Twitter feature is rubbish on WordPress.

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