BBC Three’s Shoplife : Episode 5

Episode 5 aired on Thursday evening and was another non-useful insight into the world of people who work at the MetroCentre. What I mean by “insight into the world of people who work at the MetroCentre” is that the show will spend more time in London, at their houses, in Bijoux & generally everywhere but the MetroCentre.

Sadly, the champagne bar was not featured again this week, instead we were given the following insights;

  • Joey loves Paris after just 2 weeks.
  • Justine (Joey’s Mam) is proud of him.
  • Tom does not like peeling glue off of shelves.
  • Joey’s Mam knows Paris’ favourite food.
  • Emma the hairdresser is not very good at Geography.
  • Degree’s are useless.
  • Paris cries easily.
  • Tom could be at risk of hearing loss.
  • Shelley (!?) got a promotion.
  • Joey’s Mam cried as Joey is moving out.

It’s the last in the series on Thursday. According to the trailer we meet someone from Poundland. Can’t wait.