Well after living on my own for nearly 2 months today was the first time I have had to iron. I’ve relied on the dryer in the past as it kind of looks ironed although it isn’t – but looks done if you get me.

So I started with my first shirt, ironed it all and hung it on the hanger and it looked crap, it was still as bad as it was when I started out. Then I remembered something about putting water in it or something to make it work better. Only then did I realise (after putting in the water) how good they actually work!

So there’s my advice for today – put water in your iron to make it work.

Fare Thee Well

This Myspace is crazy, not only do I have the JLC as a friend now, but I also a dude who looks like Jesus, some crazy bloke who is off his nut, and someone who leaves their results on a train.
Today at work was interesting, I had the pleasure of loading over 25 kilos of stuff to send after another exciting week on eBay. Made over £200! So it was fun when the DHL man turned up and we had to lug it all out… the paperwork was immense.

I also took the time to read the insurance policy for the company cars at work. After much – rereading, and then reading again, it turns out people forgot to mention to me and my boss that you now have to be 21+ to drive one. Hense now I best be safe and not use the car for 2 months at work. Won’t be too hard though. Still got the trusty VeeDub Golf.

All hell broke loose this afternoon at work, firstly the internet went down so everyone was bored senseless. Then one of the Kerridge adminstrators (Kerridge is the software we sell cars through) decided to send ‘KNOBETTE’ in a message over that system to his friend. Little did he know a good 5 or 6 thousand people also read it, some of the big bosses wern’t amused! So I think he will get his arse kicked. I was creased laughing.

Well such is life, I’m off to Blackpool tomorrow to see the family with a mate so it should be a good weekend. Off Monday too! Paid of course – can’t get better can it?


Well I think this is something good to crack on with, I had blog but that was bollocks so I’ll start a new one here.This week at work, I’ve spent over a grand on printer bits, found a video of some of my mates on the BBC and also spent over £32,000 on the new BMW Series 3 Coupe. It’s the beasty 3litre twin turbo thing and I’ve sorted a test drive for the end of August. It’s not for me, but I’m making commission on it and it’s a tidy sum! To top it off, today I also spent over £18,600 for someone ordering them a Ford Focus ST2 in that lovely blue colour.

Well its been a good week!