Make £25+ in Crypto in under 10 mins!

It sounds like a scam, but on logging into Coinbase (click Coinbase to join using my referral link) this morning I found a rewards section where you could watch videos in return for digital currency. Hot cup of tea at hand I set to work clicking away and getting free digital coin.

10 mins later, I had over £30 in Crypto in my account. Once it had all settled I flipped it all into Litecoin. Here’s a screenshot from my iPhone lock screen this morning.

If you’ve got 10 mins to spare, head over via the referral links below to watch a few tiny videos, answer some simple questions and earn some free crypto. (I will also earn some as a referrer)

Stellar Lumens – Click Here

Band Protocol – Click Here

Compound – Click Here

Once you’ve got all the currency, you can keep it as is or convert it into Bitcoin or Litecoin. Once done I recommend you send it off to Bitpanda as their withdrawal process is a lot more efficient.

If you wish to create an account on Bitpanda (click the word to use my referral link) once done head straight to the verification section and complete the steps required to get as far as Verification Silver. It doesnt take long, I was at Silver in a couple of hours. Make sure you enable Two Factor authentication too if you’re going to be sending your digital currency here.

If this guide has helped you, you are welcome to send a thank you to £kevatkinson on CashApp.