Time Flies!

Well I’ve updated the ‘about me’ section of my profile with some achievements in my life. Some of the things I used to do, but stopped, or don’t do as much as I should.

I’m in Blackpool at the moment writing this, I’m down seeing the family (it’s now a monthly visit) – they’ve just got a Pool table (so I’m getting good at it!) – car tax is due tomorrow (£99!) – booked the car into the garage next weekend for £200 of work to be done on it – servicing, bits and bobs going wrong etc…

Apart from that all is good, I’ve spent this weekend relaxing, I haven’t done that for a long time! – I’ve watched some DVD’s – messed about with my dogs, cleaned my car, and even fixed my step dad’s car door (it wouldn’t open) – when I think about it, I’m actually quite good at fixing things! Like my Grandad was.

Back to work on Tuesday, had a time of it lately at work, very busy with dealership system installs, getting out and about to sites to get them running. I turned down a Stockport install (how bad is the crime there!) but I am doing some work in Gateshead, and Stockton in the next few weeks. Then I have all the radio stuff on (which is one big headache!)

That’s about it for now, time flies when you’re busy, so when I get a moment I’ll be back to let you know what’s been happening!


Just a fast update;

Isn’t it mad how you get speaking to people online, I’m talking to the lovely Alice now – we’ve been talking online for over 5 years, we’ve never met but get on like a house on fire! She used to listen to my radio shows and made me this;

What’s cool is that I still have it, and it is so true… really, yes, it is!

Long Time

Ok… so it’s been a while since I updated this, stuff s been on – been busy socialising and meeting new folk. All good 🙂

Car had it’s MOT today, I went preparing to be stung, flew through with no problems 😀 so I’m happy.

Bowling tonight (again) – me, Dan and his wife. All good crack – I’ll sort the next range of Audi shizzle soonage!

Sick Sick Sick!

Well, I guess the topic got you reading. If you’re into your cars, then you best turn away… yes, now.

It has became apparent that people driving the car I really want (Audi A4) are incapable of keeping it in a straight line… they usually end up sideways, and from what I can see – ALWAYS into trees!

Here’s the first lot of images that made me go ‘hmmm’

Now as you can see, that probably hurt – and that foreigner has stopped me owning at least that car! Tomorrow I’ll be putting up the next sequence of why fuckwits really shouldn’t own the Audi A4.

Life Changing? pt2

Not much to report on ladies and chaps. Me, Dan and his lass were at the big fire in town the other night, took a load of pictures and shizzle. It was super warm, and gave us something to do and watch.

Apart from that, nothing much has been happening. Work is good, I’m starting to look for my new car as the Golf is going in a couple of months time, so if you have any ideas (must be diesel!) – drop me a line!

Busy day today, Sunderland till 6pm tonight then hot footing it back to Newcastle for a meeting with our radio lot – my cardigan is ready! – That’ll be it for now, I’ll stick something up later.

Life Changing?

Well a few things happened today which are good, I was asked to apply for a position I really wanted – it includes work all over the UK within the car company I work for, it also means I can get rid of my beast of a Golf!

Radio stuff has also been going, I forgot my cardigan tonight but still had a good laugh. I loved how Dan (a mate) stuck his girlfriend in an office on her own for 2 hours, poor lass. She was bored boobless! (Nice way to put it)

Other ‘shizzle has been happening too, heard back (eventually) from the doctors about my Liver – time to make an appointment and see what the crack is then, letter didn’t look good but I want to talk it through with him and get it sorted, hopefully get back to hospital and get it checked out.

They used loads of uBer massive words in it, but Google helped me understand!

Apart from that, I’m listening to Keane, they’re mint, love their stuff, and the Fray’s album is a great listen too – apart from that I’m still very much an Above & Beyond person (check their track out on my profile!)

I’m wrecked now, so I’m off to bed, up early, bath and off to work again for another super duper day!

NE1fm move & Boredom

So what things do you do when you can’t be arsed, or you have to move stuff but can’t be arsed? Lets say for example you have to move some tables, you’re sick of humping them up and down stairs – whats better then playing a game with them!?! Check out the videos on my page to see how bad we got!

Boy did we have fun with our destructive sides. Apart from that, long weekend coming – and how mint was the weather today! – Got a weekend of gardening planned (sad I know) but good for you – and it needs done!

Firstly, I reclaimed my bank charges! £500 spondoolies!

Anyway I’ve been super busy with things at work and stuff, I’m writing something too, I’ve wrote about 6 or 7 pages so far. It may turn out into a big book, it may not – time will tell, but no doubt no-one will ever read it as I wouldn’t have a clue how to try and get it published.
I had a busy weekend, cought up with loads of stuff on Saturday and spent about 10 hours with Hev & Andi moving the CBIT kit for NE1fm from Jesmond Vale to Shieldfield – it was a good laugh although more people to help would have been a great help. 3 people, 3 cars, and a good crack.

Sunday night saw the NE1 for a Gig event at the Cooperage, I’m still not feeling as I was so I did go but didn’t hang around – had a good laugh with Dan and his partner, she is very quiet! – We were thinking of ideas to return the Kanned Weekend (a hugely popular brekkie show we’ve done on a few RSL’s)

So – time to go hunt out a tie for my super crisp white shirt, I’m hungry this morning and had the best night sleep I’ve had in a while, namely down to my book and the content of it. I’ll update this again super duper soon, with pictures and videos of the laugh we had moving NE1 too!