Life Gets Better

You are correct, you detected a slight amount of sarcasm in today’s subject.

When you think about it, life can deal you some pretty big shit when it wants to.
It started for me in 2004 when I had the pleasure of working for one of the shittest places in the world, Clientlogic. For a pathetic hourly rate, I had the pleasure of working in a filthy, manky, shitty disease infected shared work environment. I caught some rather unsavoury things when I worked there, and it seriously messed me up.

Firstly, you are lured into working there as the tour and interview made it look like a great place to be, they are really flexible (bollocks) for students, and really a student friendly place to be (more bollocks) – I had the pleasure for a few months of reminding fuckwits what time their trains were, but what’s that? BT is better, their just over there (points) – they’re paid more, and it’s better. So I went for it.

This is the point I should have left the company. Instead I ended up being there for another 18 months.

BT brought me lots of things, constant illness, infections, unmeasurable stress, pressure, and then more illness. It seriously caused so much damage. The main reason behind it was the filthy bastards you had to work with, you didn’t have your own desk, you had to share and hot-seat. So you could be using a keyboard where someone had just been picking their arse and then typing. Facilities didn’t exist, there was no hot water, and no way to keep things clean – when I think back to that place, it was a fucking toxic hazard waste dump.

I racked up 10 instances of sick in less then 18 months at that dump. All on BT. On the 12th of August 2005 it all started – I had a bad day and was off, very soon, I was off again, on the 26th of September – this time for 4 days. Alarm bells should have been ringing there that this place was making me ill.

On the 18th of October 2005 I was off again, this time, was longer again. 22 days. Now you have to remember, I was at college too – and had no other income, this place was shafting me, and I was shafted – SSP is total bollocks. The 14th of November 2005, the place made me ill again.
Have you noticed when I go back, it isn’t long till I’m ill again?

I didn’t return then, till the 4th of December 2005. Not much short of a month. By this time, the Doctor was concerned, he’d took shedloads of blood, I’d had hospital scans and all-sorts, we couldn’t find what was causing it.

I was sick again, the 13th of January 2006. Followed up very soon, on the 20th of Febuary 2006. I was off for another 4 days, christ I was in pain! but again, I got better and returned to hell, you’d never guess, but I was back sick again on the 4th of April – this time I was fucked. I was off for a month. That was it, I was getting out. I returned and was off again for another day on the 23rd of May 2006 before ramming my notice up their arse and walking out.

I honestly believe Clientlogic is the cause of this, and the problems I’ve had since. I’ve had kidney infections, terrible stomach bother, and now I’ve found out my liver is fucked. I only wish I could put this down to them, I’d sue their arse off – but I can’t prove it. It’s all just very convenient.

Needless to say, I joined Reg Vardy after there, in 9-10 months, I’ve been off sick twice. One to the flu and I can’t remember the other, big fucking difference eh? But now I’m waiting to hear the results of the latest bother, I got the all clear on my Kidneys, but found out my Liver isn’t too good – is working in a shithole callcentre good for you? If you ask me certainly not!

Rant over, I hope you enjoyed reading this! I’m off to listen to the Fray a bit more, and reply to some emails I’ve been ignoring!

M.O.T & Car Tax

Jesus christ! I’ve just been sorting through the paperwork to do with my car and I’ve realised my M.O.T and road tax BOTH expire next month!

Not to worry I thought – till I looked up the price of an M.O.T these days, £50 bloody quid! – That is one hell of an expensive piece of paper!

So, if you need any proof that the government are shafting us, just look at the drivers. Give them a hug too (if your a girl) – no men please! – time to sell the dog…


Well, apart from the usual shizzle, today was an uBer special occasion as my car became 80,000 miles old – the poor old thing eh? To celebrate the moment, I took a photograph…80k! Woo

I also was at the NE1 for a Quiz event, that was also uBer woo – but we came 3rd out of 4. Even better! Lots of wine and stuff though, and cracking burgers!

I’m tired now, I’ll update this a bit more tomorrow!

Sod All

Well, sod all to report on. Paid some bills, renewed my AA membership and sold a knitting machine on eBay – super belta eh?

I had a bit sort through my music collection, I was at over 12,500 but after reviewing it and removing a load of shite I’ll probably never play I am down to a respectable 10,331. The other 2100 or so are still there, but hidden 😀 meaning I can still search for shite should I wish to.
I got myself some new IT kit for NE1 FM too, some Cisco routers and shizzle – just need to start connectorising everything together and then we’ll be rocking.

Apart from that, job’s good, life’s good and I’m still working on stuff for NE1 FM. So, woo.


Boredom continued late last night during the moooooooooooon thingy, so I took some pictures with my McDigital camera – I really was bored!

Let me know what you think, I was quite pleased with them. (Takes anorak off)


Christ today has been boring, had sweet bugger all to do. I paid lots of bills too! All £2.80 of my bill to BT, all £10.00 to Argos, and I broke the bank paying my credit card £40.00. – It’s been a tough ol’ day!

In all honesty though (not that the above is not honest) – I’ve done bugger all today. I was going to change the oil in my car, but I couldn’t be bothered. I did goto Halfords to look for a tool to make it a bit easier, but I couldn’t find one. So I broke the bank and bought some new windscreen wipers (I did need some!) – and that, my friends, is how exciting this weekend has been so far!

I nearly bought a Civic too, I came so close – but I’m going to put it off for 3 or 4 months and then have a crack at getting one – they are super cushty aren’t they?
That’s me for tonight then, off to do fook all again till bed-time…