Latest happenings….

Ok, firstly if you’re reading this – you’ll notice I seldom update this – I try to update it more – but then forget.

Anyhow, the main things that have been happening recently;

  • Kev & Nixxi
    This is my radio show, I do it with Nicola, my friend. You can hear it on NE1fm 102.5 every Saturday night from 9pm, or via the show website (click the title to see it!) – It’s been going for over 6 months now, and we’re at show #33. We put a weekly diary on the show website, alongside pictures when we have listeners in – and you can hear previous shows on the listen section. Alternatively, click here to subscribe in iTunes.
    That is my website, and you probably came here from there. While it is seldom updated, when I do update it, it has superb stuff on it. I’ve just written a podcasting section. If you want to podcast, I can help – check it out!
  • NE1fm 102.5
    Outside of my day job, this takes up most of my time. I’m part of the management who operate the station, and I have presented on it for over two and a half years. We’ve recently moved from to due to a dispute. Good stuff!
  • Contact Me
    One thing that is always up to date is the contact page on my website. I get a lot of contact from listeners, potential production & voiceover work & loads of other random stuff. If you want to get in touch, that’s the place to go!
  • FobOff
    FobOff is something I made in about 4 hours, I made it to keep my PHP & MySQL stuff active in my brain. It gets tons of visits now, and is very popular. Please tell everyone!

Apart from that, in my personal life, I had to get rid of my VW Bora as I couldn’t sustain the payments on it – the joys of redundancy. What makes it worse is the place that makes you redundant then press release a crazy profit – one of their best years yet. Nice for them eh? They didn’t loose their posessions and nearly their homes. I’ve now got a 12 year old ‘barge’ – the Vauxhall Omega – it’s big, old, and thirsty.

I’ve also had a lot to do with the dentist lately. After avoiding them for years due to an un-based fear of them, I decided to go see them after a tooth broke and I left it too late. I’ve been back and forth for 3 months now, and yesterday was my final visit of my treatment and I had my smashed tooth removed. The relief from the pain is great, if you’re avoiding the dentist. Don’t.

Anyway, I’m going to work on updating this at least one a week again now – so do check back! and please do comment if you read these – so I know I’m not talking to myself!