New Honda Civic

Well I went back to work today after 7-10 days off on the sick. Got back today and noticed a load of brand new Honda Civic’s outside reception – ohh was I impressed & I wanted a go. I’ve been thinking about getting one and luckily they were there for us to take out and have a shot of – what a car!

Being a dirty derv driver, I snubbed the 1.8 & 2.0 petrols and opted for the 2.2 diesel (there was a Type R there too but gay Honda insurance wouldn’t cover anyone under 25) – but I got my hands on a 3 door black 2.2 Type S.

What a car! – Got in and it was like being in a space ship! Everything was digital and there was buttons everywhere – brilliant. So after figuring out the push button start thingy-ma-jig I was off and let loose on the A19 – and whooosh – it was a fast begga. – Even Brian (my mate in the passenger seat) commented on the power, it was truely a lush car to drive and made me go 😀 – including the 3Dimensional digital display/speedo/rev counter thingy.

So, now to get saving for a new Civic! – Buy one, their ‘bo!

Big Issue!

So I found some old vouchers today when I was going through my stuff, £30 quids worth of them so I thought sod it, I’m off to spend em’. Sped off into town and parked next to Nobbie Solano, charming guy – he’s having a party at a place just beside For Your Eyes Only. He’s got a nice Merc, got to have cost a small fortune.

Anywhoo, I left for HMV and proceeded to collect my Big Bottom Box, there’s zillions of DVD’s inside of Bottom Live, and Bottoms’ Guest House Paradiso. As I left I noticed a Big Issue seller on Northumberland Street, he was really friendly and looked worn out and tired. I expected the usual “Big Issue” rammed in my face, but he said “Would you like to buy a Big Issue sir?” – I was quite taken by it, and felt sorry. So I bought one 🙂 – he then proceeded to say “Have a lovely night sir” – to which I was immensely impressed that he could still be so nice even in his situation.

The magazine just talked about detoxing and had millions of adverts – but I felt happy to have contributed and maybe to have bought him a burger or cup of tea for the night. I may do it a tad more often, I just thought I’d mention that, now I’m off to watch my Big Bottom Box!