Banana’s & Stuff

Just a quick one tonight… did you know that putting Banana’s in the fridge makes them go black?

I didn’t – I do now.

Also, did you know Asda do bat shaped shortbread – which is amazing! And finally – did you know Asda also sell toffee crisp doughnuts!

My life is complete… in other news, I took the new Corsa out for a spin today to see if I like them. I was very impressed with the quality of them compared to the new one and had them look at a deal for me. Can’t go into specifics as it’s a staff deal, but I’d have my Golf paid off – have a shedload of stuff thrown in, get a load of stuff cheap – and save £3k. That’s all I’m saying! – Just need to order a new driving licence now – I’ve lost my old one.

Long time no see

It’s been a while since I last updated this hasn’t it!

Lately I’ve been moving around a lot. I left my house, and moved to my dad’s – I then left there 2 days later and moved in with my nana. I’m now happily living here and continuing my work on at Reg Vardy.

Heard today someone has been very naughty at one of our dealerships – taking an Astra VXR out and doing 117mph in a 40mph zone. Big arse kicking on the cards there.

Tomorrow I’m off to test drive the new Corsa, I think they look just like a mini Astra and need to cut my costs back and save some dosh – hense I’m going to look at one. (The 125bhp 1.7 derv of course!)

Apart from that, work is quiet, life is quiet – and it’s quiet at the moment. Might just leave it at that.