Banana’s & Stuff

Just a quick one tonight… did you know that putting Banana’s in the fridge makes them go black?

I didn’t – I do now.

Also, did you know Asda do bat shaped shortbread – which is amazing! And finally – did you know Asda also sell toffee crisp doughnuts!

My life is complete… in other news, I took the new Corsa out for a spin today to see if I like them. I was very impressed with the quality of them compared to the new one and had them look at a deal for me. Can’t go into specifics as it’s a staff deal, but I’d have my Golf paid off – have a shedload of stuff thrown in, get a load of stuff cheap – and save £3k. That’s all I’m saying! – Just need to order a new driving licence now – I’ve lost my old one.

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