Life Changing?

Well a few things happened today which are good, I was asked to apply for a position I really wanted – it includes work all over the UK within the car company I work for, it also means I can get rid of my beast of a Golf!

Radio stuff has also been going, I forgot my cardigan tonight but still had a good laugh. I loved how Dan (a mate) stuck his girlfriend in an office on her own for 2 hours, poor lass. She was bored boobless! (Nice way to put it)

Other ‘shizzle has been happening too, heard back (eventually) from the doctors about my Liver – time to make an appointment and see what the crack is then, letter didn’t look good but I want to talk it through with him and get it sorted, hopefully get back to hospital and get it checked out.

They used loads of uBer massive words in it, but Google helped me understand!

Apart from that, I’m listening to Keane, they’re mint, love their stuff, and the Fray’s album is a great listen too – apart from that I’m still very much an Above & Beyond person (check their track out on my profile!)

I’m wrecked now, so I’m off to bed, up early, bath and off to work again for another super duper day!

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