I’ve Launched FobOff.co.uk

A few blogs back I blogged about FobOff. I made it in about 4 hours after wanting to refresh my PHP skills, my current job uses 0% PHP, my old job used 98% PHP, so once you’ve taken the time to learn it you should really keep it fresh in the head.

Anyway, skip to yesterday where I ‘officially’ launched FobOff.co.uk. That basically meant I pulled my finger out, registered a domain and moved it there. Easy!

Do check it out, share it, tell people about it, blog about it and stuff – I’d like people around the world to be fobbing people off with something I made!

Do let me know what you think about it in the comments section too!

Latest happenings….

Ok, firstly if you’re reading this – you’ll notice I seldom update this – I try to update it more – but then forget.

Anyhow, the main things that have been happening recently;

  • Kev & Nixxi
    This is my radio show, I do it with Nicola, my friend. You can hear it on NE1fm 102.5 every Saturday night from 9pm, or via the show website (click the title to see it!) – It’s been going for over 6 months now, and we’re at show #33. We put a weekly diary on the show website, alongside pictures when we have listeners in – and you can hear previous shows on the listen section. Alternatively, click here to subscribe in iTunes.
  • KevAtkinson.co.uk
    That is my website, and you probably came here from there. While it is seldom updated, when I do update it, it has superb stuff on it. I’ve just written a podcasting section. If you want to podcast, I can help – check it out!
  • NE1fm 102.5
    Outside of my day job, this takes up most of my time. I’m part of the management who operate the station, and I have presented on it for over two and a half years. We’ve recently moved from NE1fm.com to NE1fm.net due to a dispute. Good stuff!
  • Contact Me
    One thing that is always up to date is the contact page on my website. I get a lot of contact from listeners, potential production & voiceover work & loads of other random stuff. If you want to get in touch, that’s the place to go!
  • FobOff
    FobOff is something I made in about 4 hours, I made it to keep my PHP & MySQL stuff active in my brain. It gets tons of visits now, and is very popular. Please tell everyone!

Apart from that, in my personal life, I had to get rid of my VW Bora as I couldn’t sustain the payments on it – the joys of redundancy. What makes it worse is the place that makes you redundant then press release a crazy profit – one of their best years yet. Nice for them eh? They didn’t loose their posessions and nearly their homes. I’ve now got a 12 year old ‘barge’ – the Vauxhall Omega – it’s big, old, and thirsty.

I’ve also had a lot to do with the dentist lately. After avoiding them for years due to an un-based fear of them, I decided to go see them after a tooth broke and I left it too late. I’ve been back and forth for 3 months now, and yesterday was my final visit of my treatment and I had my smashed tooth removed. The relief from the pain is great, if you’re avoiding the dentist. Don’t.

Anyway, I’m going to work on updating this at least one a week again now – so do check back! and please do comment if you read these – so I know I’m not talking to myself!

FobOff – for ‘IT Professionals’

I just thought I’d take a second to mention a site I made the other day. Called FobOff.

I made it for fun, and to keep my PHP fresh in the head, it took about 4 hours all in, and I’m pretty happy with the result. It all started from a job I had in 2004 at BT, in their Broadband Technical Helpdesk department. A word document went around with 4 columns of technical words, and you strung them together into a sentence to make a corking fob off. I decided then I wanted to make a website out of it, but didn’t have the skills then.

It wasn’t until this week, two things came together. I found an old hard-drive with the Word document on, and brought it up at my current place of work. A silly joke here and there turned into me saying I’d make a site out of it finally, and did. This is what it looks like;

You can find it at http://www.kevatkinson.co.uk/fob/ and in time I plan to put it on its own domain, hopefully make it into a popular site. I put a counter on to count refreshes, and in two days it’s had 7000+ fobs generated. Superb.

I did get some stick from people saying I had copied from the BOFH. In all honesty I wasn’t aware there was a BOFH generator online. I was sent the link and in all honesty, it’s a bit poo, and was made in 1992 (rhyme there!) – so maybe this is the modern version, the other one is 16-17 years old!

Please do feel free to leave a comment if you like it or loathe it, I like comments.