All over

Well there goes, a whole load of hype toward Christmas. Everyone saying what they want, it doesn’t have the same feel to it. Now it just means debt and trying to not be outdone. Everyone has expectations on what you’re getting them, wether it is too small, not expensive enough or something like that. I couldn’t give a monkeys – I’d be happy giving nowt and getting nowt!

In other news, I spent Christmas over and down in Blackpool. A grim dark place, freezing, stormy and crap. That was just the weather. Christmas day was good, had a good laugh with the family, got loads of socks and all the stuff you normally get – all good in my opinion. Christmas night some chav scum tried to break into the house while I was watching telly – put short work to him and let the Police do the rest. He was smashed off his face.

New Year is nearly here, I’m not doing anything – not wanting to go out and waste money on drink, I’ll stay in and get smashed on the Christmas alcohol I was given, might even do something entertaining. I applied for a Programme Directors job today also – not saying where but it is a big place, if I get it – I’ll let you know.

I also did some checking last night, I have an image on my website of Jesus on a cross, with Happy Christmas strewn between his arms – thousands of people are leeching it and putting it on their website. It’s time the Goatse replacement came out – I’ll be sure to replace it on the same filename and screenshot the unsuspecting websites!

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