Another Weekend Starts!

As I write this – I’m mixing up some amazing vocal trance, Above & Beyond stuff, Gouryella, Lange, Sarah McLachlan, etc… all the best stuff from the past few years – gonna knock up a nice set and get it stuck on NE1fm 102.5

Had a great week this past week, I was part of a team at a radio pub night – we came second last! The presenters from Metro/Galaxy/Century etc… were all there, had a great time with all – and it was presented by Steve & Karen from Galaxy – I enjoyed the ‘in’ jokes very much and successfully managed to spill a pint of coke all over Alistairs jacket. Victory is mine!
I’ve spent some time down in Leeds too – stayed over and stuff, had a good crack on and watched some extremely poor hospital telly – where was all the stuff you usually get on hotel TV?

I’ve nearly 400 miles in the past 3 days (tis bad I know) and even stopped on the A1 somewhere and fell asleep for 45 minutes – car jacking on the go eh? – Tonight was the monthly bowling game too. 4 games, 4 wins. I claim victory.

With that, I prepare for bed – brekkie show is on from 7am tomorrow – lets make it a good one. I’m pleased with how things are going, let them continue that way!

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