Back Once Again

ell the story continues, I still try to keep my blog titles to lyrics from a track – and here’s a bit you can take part in – if you fancy, comment me back just saying what you think the rest of the sentence/lyric is.

So, past week I’ve been in Manchester doing installs of kit etc… mixed opinions on how it went, too little time, couriers being late and bits like that certainly didn’t help! But I took some pictures to help see how it went… of course the first think you need is somewhere decent to stay – I would have liked the Hilton, but ended up at a Premier Travel Inn which always impresses!

The room wasn’t a a bad size, well equiped and my only gripe was there was no power beside the bed so I couldn’t charge my phone and text people – minor though – TV was half decent and bathroom was rather good.- The reason I wanted to stay at the Hilton was for the strange shape of the building – I took a pic, but lost it, but then found, but here’s one I found on Google and mine below!

As you can see it’s in the background, this huge tower with some strange thing on the top – we ended up later that night in China Town for a buffet meal which was jolly good.
I couldn’t get over the size of the building – it was very strange, looked completely glass and apparently the guy who built/designed it has the top two floors for his house. I think I’d have a parachute up there too incase you hit into a bit of bad luck! I took a pic as I walked by that night.

From there then, we were at Jaguar & Ferrari garages installing a new system, to my amusement I knew the fun at one site was about to begin when we drove into the car-park and were greeted with a lovely £30k Jag, that had been almost cut in half by a tree…

It wasn’t sold, or owned by customers, it was out on the pitch for sale when a tree, randomly, fell over. Bit of bad luck they’re having there – soon after Jag we were off to Ferrari – there’s some smart cars over there I must say…

All brand new being prepared to go out to customers or into the showroom – this one was sat wide open – had a quick shufty around it – rather nice! – But all was not good at this site, for one of the lads, Chris, was about to commit a rather shocking crime with his car – he was to murder one of the thickest dumbest slowest things in the world – without even knowing about it! 

So to top that off, all was good and I am back in Newcastle now – the show went fine the past few days and we’ve started music at the Star Bowl in North Shields too – tonight (Sunday) I came home to a huge riot/fight just a few feet from my door – so as per usual, grabbed a snap!

That’s all for now, but keep checking back and if needbe – I’ll picture blog too!

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