Blog Merger

OK, so I’ve merged my personal and my ‘IT’ blog tonight.

Why? For someone who admittedly did not update a blog very much – having two was a little silly. I have my personal one which started out a few years back on Myspace. It attracted a lot of views, so I wanted to continue with it. However, I did not want to continue with Myspace. So I moved to Blogspot.

Blogspot was good to start with, you could update it centrally then it would FTP the actual update to your server. Great as I prefer stuff to be where I have control. Then Blogspot stopped that – you had to host it on their systems and you had to have a ‘’ address. I didn’t like that.

So, after getting around to it, I looked at what was about now and found WordPress. It’s got a great interface and is really easy to use – and most importantly is based on my server. So I’m in control.

Why did I have two blogs? I wanted to setup an IT one to put tips and tricks, share ideas, good practise and other stuff on. But tied in with the above, I lost interest when I lost the ability to have it on my server.

So, fast forward to now, one blog, one less to worry about, one more easier to update. Hopefully you’ll stick around.

Very soon I’ll update you on two pieces of software I’ve found useful lately. Talk then.

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