My Film Idea

Turns out some versions of it have already been done, my Twitter friends were kind enough to keep me in check!

I guess it’s back to the drawing board.

A Film Idea

I had a film idea last week. It’s only had a few minutes thought but I think it has potential.

Imagine if humans stopped being able to reproduce tomorrow… literally the ability ‘to’ just stopped.

Some things I considered.

  • What could cause that.
    A virus? Bacteria? Solar event? Alien attack?
  • What type of film.
    Sci-Fi? Horror? Action? All?
  • Eventualities.
    Do scientists find a solution? Or are humans wiped out?
  • Who do you follow?
    Who are the leading characters, how are they selected.

There’s lots to think about. But there’s an idea there. Have stuff to add? Comment below and in 10 years when the movie is commissioned I’ll pay you some monies.

And for formalities the main idea is © me (Kev Atkinson 17/7/2013). So don’t go stealing it.