Quick update, been super busy working on 102.5 NE1fm stuff, all planning for the launch on June 8th 2007. However, most recently and probably the most exciting thing to happen to me, is that I choked on a piece of plastic in a bottle of Coke. It was this sharp plastic thingy – and it was well sharp… so I called them.

Hats off to them, complaints is an 0800 number, so I called, and I was through to someone in less then 2 rings. Very apologetic, took my details and had a package on my doorstep the next day to send it (bottle & item) back in.

Off it went, and within 2 days I had a thank-you letter for sending it back. Another 2 days passed, and I had a letter saying it was being looked at by their investigation people, and a reply the next day explaining what had happened. It was a problem with the bottling machine which screws the lids on. They’ve fed it back to their people – and I got a tenner for it! Woo, free spondoolies!

– No doubt I’ll hear from them again soon, but hat off to them – they were great.

So complain, you get free stuff! Complain complain complain! – I’ve got some pictures I want to shove on this blog thing too – some very interesting ones, I’ll try and get them on tomorrow after my super long 12 hour shift moving IT kit around our offices after close of business. Tata for now!

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