Down Down Down…

What a week, so busy this week I had to have a few days out! So I took Wd & Thursday off and sorted a load of stuff out that I’d been putting off for weeks – so then, you ask, what on earth has been happening this week?

I took some time out from the radio this week mainly, spent a lot of time here lately so I decided it is time to step back and let the show go on (lol) – I’m in on weekends now and occasional weeknights if I have to fix anything! That’s not mentioning the weekly Wednesday meeting which I still goto.

In other news, the Kanned Weekend is still going good, on weekends, on NE1fm. We’ve had a good pair of shows this weekend with a few people remarking about it – so as long as people are talking about it I’m a happy man.

On the VW Golf front, all is not good. I now have no passenger mirror eother – that was removed by a Transit van. I got his details but it looks like it’s going to be close to £200 for a new one.

Then there’s the rain, that caused no end of problems last night – I drove straight into this huge flood without even seeing it (rain was so heavy and my wipers were on uBer fast) – some water came in the side of the doors and did a good job at ripping some big plastic undertray off the car – it made a hell of a noise when it came off – and in the pouring rain – Ross climbed under the car and ripped it off. Sorted. I just hope that is the end of bad luck on the car front, it costs a bloody fortune to keep that thing going!

So, July 1st now – and dinner time here I come!

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