Haters Gonna Hate

Yesterday’s announcement has led to me receiving some lovely comments, messages, voicemails and emails. I was genuinely humbled. Over 40 people took the time to praise the work I’ve done.

One person felt otherwise.


So I decided to show off what this person thought of me. If he’s going to tweet it in public I’ll use it. It has his name on it, a picture and his twitter username. If he deletes his tweet, tough luck. I’m not deleting this.

He was the only person who’s publicly had a go. So as a result here are some opinions from people who saw this.

  • You know what Oscar Wilde said…  ‘The only thing worse than being talked about, is not being talked about.’
  • Jeeeez Kev your so famous u even have haters. Lolz.
  • LOL!!!
  • Sad man haha
  • Omg ya like some sort of wrestling heel but in radio
  • What a dick.
  • There is more to life… Sad sad man
  • I know a few things about people who reckon they can run a radio station better than those that actually do – and their unique skill set is precisely why they aren’t in the radio business at all, let alone running said station.
  • What a pathetic twat.
  • What a helmet.
  • Who that fucking plep?
  • I don’t know Wilson personally tho in my circles he is referred to as Dick.
  • What a nob head.
  • Nob

I think they said it all.

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