I put some new shoes on…

Tomorrow for the first time – I will fit into a suit I have never worn. I got it not Christmas gone, but the Christmas before that (2005) – it is an uBer super moment as it’s a milestone in my super quest to loose weight – Over a stone and a half gone now – all is starting to look good – so woo to me.

This morning on the show, I nearly slept in – taking a leaf out of the lovely Dans book – whereby he ignores all alarms set – sleeps in, and ends up looking like a complete monster. We talked about utter crap again on the show, filled in a few hours – played some tracks and shizzle, had a laugh and generally pulled off show 4 of a possible 4, without having to ask the audience.
Spent today working down in Darlington at the new Ford garage, installed a ton of new kit, wired everything in with Chris B and generally had a good laugh doing it – t’was a spangly new dealership with some new Fords in, including the new Ford S-Max I was driving the other day. If you’re new to this blog – through work I tend to drive a lot of new cars and stuff and usually end up talking about them in some sort of bad Clarkson style, but I’m not like him, I’m most likely shorter – I have (better?) hair – and a classier style of dress!
So, onto the S-Max I was driving. It was basically brand-new and had some terrific features, one of the favourite was the voice activated speaking thingy – you got in, pushed a button and told it what to do – and it did it. It made the cabin hotter, or cooler, or turned the air-con on, or off, or the fans on, or off, or on, or yea – you get the point. I did ask it for a burger – but that command wasn’t recognised. Damn 🙁 but I still had fun, I had the 2.0 TDCI which was a lovely drive, I stuck the Above & Beyond Anjunabeats album (1) in and off I went to Leeds to do some IT work – top notch choonage all the way.
Apart from that, life is going good – still on the lookout for a new lady – answers on a postcard please. Some sort of normality returns tomorrow as I’m back in the office, lets see how it goes from there!

To top off the night, Britains Got Talent, Paul Potts won – couldn’t have happened to a better more deserving chap – hat off to him, he impressed with his performance of Nessun Dorma – what a legend!

That’s all for tonight, early start tomorrow – need to look my best!

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