I will always follow you…

My blog is moving, I’ve enjoyed spending the last few years here on Myspace with my Blog, but the fact is Myspace is in its demise now.

Another main reason, is one day Myspace will probably disappear, and so will my ‘award’ winning blog! (I like to think it could win awards for randomness and occasional humor!)

As I write this, here are some facts taken from the stats on the left hand side (as you write a blog on Myspace, it shows you stats)

This will be my 91st and final blog here.
My blog has only had 19 comments, but 19 excellent comments, thank-you.
Today, 5 people read my blog, this week, 14 people read it, since it was created, a whopping 7047 have viewed it.
I’ve been awarded 10 Kudos too, whatever that is.

Thank-you to all.

Here’s a nice pic…

The blog isn’t stopping, it’s just moving, to ensure it stays online it’s going to my website. I’m copying the blog over slowly but surely, and you can now find it at http://kevatkinson.co.uk/blog/ !

See you there!


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