I’m driving home for…

Woo to you today, what a smashing day. OK – now back to reality. Today I drove a Movano 2.5 diesel van thingy. I took some pictures to show you. Woo.

It was a rather fun drive, almost brand new and I was let loose in it! I managed to get it up to 70mph which I was quite impressed with. The sound system was rubbish, and it had a Renault steering wheel and it had Renault dials. You can get them for about £18k brand new, ranging up to £22k. I’m not a big van driver but I’d say it was a fair size and certainly nippy, you can get a load of stuff in, and I can stand in the back so it’s fairly big. You could even smuggle people! I did get the impression thought that it would be rubbish on fuel, and it has digital dials so you can’t really tell how much fuel is left. Not bad though, t’was a fun ride!

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