Just around the hill…

Gooooooooood evening (in a very cheesy style!) – just finished covering for Ross’ NE1’s Anthems show on NE1fm (incidentally). Show went well, lots of interaction from the listeners tonight and a fabulous show had by all (me)

I think I have an addiction to Twix chocolate bars, how nice are they? I’ve had a load of them recently, but not too many, remember – I’m loosing weight not gaining it! & I like Dr. Pepper – lots and lots and lots and lots and lots… you get the idea!

The show was good today, had some tickets to give away, gone in less then a minute after we announced em! Apart from that, the usual chaos ensued, Dan made lots of cups of tea and I kept to my rigmarole of not actually finishing a cup yet. Tis quite a bad habit, you just have to look at my desk at work, sometimes you need to shave the cup, before you can use it again. – If you leave it really long, like on a bank holiday weekend, sometimes it smells really bad!

Currently at work, I’ve got a lot of balooons about, and lots of pointless poo in my little tray thingy under my monitor for keeping little thingys in. Incidentally, I am in Manchester from Monday to Thursday of next week. I somehow get the feeling that I will be requiring my stab-proof vest, my chastity belt, a small pouch of gypsy tears, and a small, but not too small, lightly bruised banana.

For some reason I have had the urge recently, to eat a cucumber sandwich. I very much do like cucumber, especially when it is encapsulated into a sandwich containing wafer-thin lightly salted ham – in preferebly a light white bun with a little spreading of butter. I am going to make some bread in my bread maker tomorrow.

I’ve also been left the crippling task looking after someones Greenhouse. This may not appear to be a particularily difficult task, but the things that could go wrong surely outweigh the things that could go wrong. I just hope their Tomatoes do not perish under my care.

Anyway, I will be off soon to bed as I have had a long day putting up with Alistair MacDonald, and listening to him tell me about his life. I think I could summarise by simply saying, it is like a large piece of what could only appear to be blank, grey slightly moist, paper, & with that, I leave you in the trusted hands of the man they call Dan.

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