Sunday Morning

Ha! You’re saying ha! He forgot about the song title rule for his blog posts. 
Right, so – the past few nights at the Bowling have been super, loads of prize giveaways, pirate teddy things with hard plastic eyes that hurt when you’re hit with them – all them, part of the night and make it a good night!
So in the world of radio, I think I’m about to win an award! For being uBer tired and even tireder then a tired man who is tired after doing a shift and already waking up to it on a Friday, tired. It’s currently 7o’something in t’morning and the Fray plays in the background. For breakfast I can’t help but recommend Banana and Mars Bar! Certainly wakes you up!
Todays plans are to sleep, I might even goto sleep on the radio – I haven’t decided yet, I might be asleep, this might be a dream… and into Queen we go…

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