No listings available…

My Sky+HD 2TB box constantly says no listings available when viewing the planner. The fix is to do a planner rebuild, but when it happens every dew days it gets annoying.

Sky are looking into it, and need the following information;

  • Version Number and Model Number.
    You can find this by pressing services 0,3 Number of Feeds (1 or 2) If 1 Feed – Is single feed more on? You can find this by pressing, Services 0, 0, 1, select and under setup
  • Can you set up future series links? Yes/No
  • Can you see listings for the next 7 days? Yes/No If No – What do you see? Is a specific Series Affected? When was the last episode recorded?
  • Remaining Planner Space (%)?
  • When was the box last on standby?

Send all that to @SkyHelpTeam on Twitter.