The Ford Ka

The Ford Ka reared its rather ugly face back in 1996 – a terrible car on the face of the planet – let’s look at one – sick bags at the ready!

So – you’ve seen it, you’ve been sick and now you’re wondering why I am writing something about it. Well, I’ve been out on the road a ton lately through work and have noticed that these things are ALL OVER!
I’ve honestly saw at least 20 of these awful things today – and the past 3 or 4 days they’ve been on nearly every single road I’ve been on – and it’s sickening!
Apart from that then, life is busy as always – lots of MPLS installs at dealerships – lots of McDonalds and lots of burning dosh on fuel for my Golf. Apart from that – I’ve been having the good crack with pals, working at the radio station a lot and generally just having a good time. I’m at NE1fm now – and must get back to working on our playout system & the required music!

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