You have to follow natures law…

So, 8:14am in t’morning and as per usual I’m stuck in the studio doing the Kanned Weekend with Dan, Embrace – Natures Law is playing out which is a rather good track if you don’t mind me saying, if you do mind me saying, then you shouldn’t be reading this! So bugger off! T’was a rather wet morning, no doubt because the town moor is here and apparently it is cursed and stuff for uBer rainage! We be called Ross this morning too, to get him on-air and ask him about how cool it really was at the moor last night. He appeared to enjoy his new driving school and nearly killed a few folk!

This past week has been rather super duper spangly cushty belta. I’ve been out and about and running up even more miles out on the road. It’s quite funny being out on the road a lot, you get to see strange things. There’s the typical “I wish my wife was this dirty” written on the back of trucks, the tools who drive right up your arse even though you’re doing a fair speed on the road – then there’s those stupid DVLA road tax tester car things that are pulled over at the side of the road with their cameras out – I’d be very suprised if they haven’t caused accidents in the past as people cram their brakes on to slow down for them – I had it on the A19 the other day and it really annoyed me! There’s other things too, like the Police Volvo that overtakes you clearly doing about 110mph with no lights on or anything… might start taking their reg numbers for something to do… let’s not get onto the subject of miles and miles of cones for roadworks – only to get there to find a bloke scratching his bollocks and doing nowt. Reminds me of the Tyne Tunnel roadworks – there’s never anybody there!

Apart from that I’ve been playing with new Avaya IP telephones this week, they’re quite clever and work using clever super duper protocols that we won’t go into, but yea – that’s just the way it is (incidentally Bruce Hornsby also played out this morning) – I’ve got some funny videos too for you to have a gander at, I’ll stick them up as bulletins in the next hour or so – so if you want to see them and you’re not a friend, get adding!

Apart from that, it’s been a pretty rubbish day! Rained constantly, but I did have a microwave curry for my tea so I am officially rocking! You may have also picked up on my newest little challenge, I’ll be trying to start each blog with something from a song title everytime I update this, as in today I used Embace – so keep your eyes open and let me know if you can guess the ones from today onwards!

I’m in the studio as I write this, sitting in on the show with Ross – NE1’s Anthems, some top quality choonage going out, and I’m off for another drink of Coke Zero (tis spiffing!)

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