You’re Shining

So, a quick update to you all out there… I’m leaving the empire that is Reg Vardy/Evans Halshaw/Stratstone/Pendragon/Pinewood – you choose the name! – I was ‘head-hunted’ into working for another company who love cups of tea – like me, the company is… Ringtons. So I’ll keep you lot informed as to what’s happening.
In other news, Project Fix Kevs Car has begun. I’ve bought a new mirror assembly for the passenger side (it was ripped off by a truck) and I did my own priming/painting of the casing that goes around the mirror. It’s currently drying up and I’ll put a second coat on tomorrow and then the lacquer on after that. I’ve also ordered a wing for my drivers side, it was reversed into by some tool who didn’t leave their details so I’m having to foot that out of my own pocket. I’m half considering painting that myself too, although it is much bigger and I might not get it even on the paint covering. We’ll see! But that’s all for now!

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