New Soundcloud Page

I’ve now got a Soundcloud page, a few friends in radio are using it so ‘network’ and share their work, so I’ve joined the bandwagon. You can listen to stuff by visiting¬†

Some Podcasts I Like

If you know me, you’ll know I like podcasting. However I like to be the person behind the podcast, and my podcasting hosting company does just that.

So I thought I’d recommend a couple of podcasts who are customers of mine, and that I like listening to!

DJ Play’s 52 Ways Podcast






DJ City USA POdcast






Milkshake Nights Podcast






Paradisco Podcast






Let me know what you think!

I’ve launched KA Distribution Services!

Last time I wrote here I was talking about distribution services and how had created a distribution server network for hosting most things audio!

Well, fast forward a little while and you can now view and sign up to services at a dedicated website. manages all things hosting/podcasting and comes with a pretty snazzy Customer Relationship Manager and integrated billing system – nice!

So, if you need something, I can probably help!

Podcasting & Audio Delivery

This year I started looking at services I could help with via my website, and how I could branch out to further provide services around audio and IT. One thing that I looked into was podcasting.

Podcasting has been around for a few years now, but I never really picked up on it or how good it can be. I needed to learn how to podcast, how it works, how it’s powered – and stuff like that. So, working away in Hull and stuck in a lonely hotel room at night I set about reading about podcasting, the background to it, why people do it, and most importantly, how you do it.

A few nights later, I’d launched the Kev and Nixxi podcast so listeners to the radio should could easily listen back to the radio show during the week. But how could I make it better? I looked into ways people get podcasts, and more and more I read that people use their iPods and iPhones to listen to podcasts. Naturally, the progressive route from there was to get Kev and Nixxi onto iTunes listed as a podcast. Again, I had no idea how to do this, so another night of research and it was done.

The podcast took off quickly, reaching around 1000 subscribers within a few months, it was at this point the new service was offered via my website for me to help others, and it didn’t take long.

Working in radio and as a DJ, I’m regularly chatting with ‘fellow deejays’ – and they had the same issue. They wanted a podcast, they want it on iTunes, they want people to listen on iPhones, iPods, and now iPads. It’s a centralised way to deliver podcasts, it integrates with some of the most popular devices out at the moment – so after some networking, some late nights, and more late nights, the first podcast was supplied and hosted via

Fast forward 6 months, and demand is increasing tenfold. A network of audio distribution servers now exist with extremely fast links to the internet and unrestricted bandwidth for fast downloading and distribution of audio. With some extremely¬†influential music promoters and DJ’s on board the future looks bright as demand spreads literally internationally for the services I provide.

If you require help with podcasting, podcast hosting, audio hosting for distribution and most other audio services, do get in touch with me, you’ll find the information you need here.