Podcasting & Audio Delivery

This year I started looking at services I could help with via my website, and how I could branch out to further provide services around audio and IT. One thing that I looked into was podcasting.

Podcasting has been around for a few years now, but I never really picked up on it or how good it can be. I needed to learn how to podcast, how it works, how it’s powered – and stuff like that. So, working away in Hull and stuck in a lonely hotel room at night I set about reading about podcasting, the background to it, why people do it, and most importantly, how you do it.

A few nights later, I’d launched the Kev and Nixxi podcast so listeners to the radio should could easily listen back to the radio show during the week. But how could I make it better? I looked into ways people get podcasts, and more and more I read that people use their iPods and iPhones to listen to podcasts. Naturally, the progressive route from there was to get Kev and Nixxi onto iTunes listed as a podcast. Again, I had no idea how to do this, so another night of research and it was done.

The podcast took off quickly, reaching around 1000 subscribers within a few months, it was at this point the new service was offered via my website for me to help others, and it didn’t take long.

Working in radio and as a DJ, I’m regularly chatting with ‘fellow deejays’ – and they had the same issue. They wanted a podcast, they want it on iTunes, they want people to listen on iPhones, iPods, and now iPads. It’s a centralised way to deliver podcasts, it integrates with some of the most popular devices out at the moment – so after some networking, some late nights, and more late nights, the first podcast was supplied and hosted via kevatkinson.co.uk.

Fast forward 6 months, and demand is increasing tenfold. A network of audio distribution servers now exist with extremely fast links to the internet and unrestricted bandwidth for fast downloading and distribution of audio. With some extremely influential music promoters and DJ’s on board the future looks bright as demand spreads literally internationally for the services I provide.

If you require help with podcasting, podcast hosting, audio hosting for distribution and most other audio services, do get in touch with me, you’ll find the information you need here.

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